Dear Son,

Thirty-two years ago I held you in my arms for the first time. Who would have thought that the tiny bundle I was so afraid of holding would grow up to be a man taller than his father! I felt a rush of love and happiness when you closed your palm around my finger and smiled. And now that you have become a father yourself, now that you have held her and felt the same joy and love at seeing that toothless smile, you are ready to become a father.

Fatherhood is a journey that begins with the birth of your child and continues forever – even when your child has kids of his own. So, as you undertake this journey, I want to share with you four lessons that I learned while raising you and which I think will make you an even better father.

Spend time with your kids because that’s the best gift you can give them. You live in a demanding world where working late hours is the norm. I understand that work is your priority, but it’s not your only priority. Remember your little princess will always want you around. From showing you what she made at school to helping her with Maths homework, to attending annual day functions at her school- she’ll always wait for her father. Don’t disappoint her.

Son, I know how thoughtful and caring you are but even you have only twenty-four hours in a day. But there will be times when you have to sacrifice everything to be with your daughter, because she comes first. On an everyday basis too, try spending as much time as you can with her, so that one day you don’t look back and say “yeh itni badi kab ho gayee, pata hi nahi chala”

Be patient. Son, I believe that discipline is an essential quality everyone should have, but the way to discipline your child should not be negative. Sometimes you will have to be your daughter’s friend, and sometimes, a strict parent. But I know you are wise enough to play both the roles in a way that when your daughter looks back, she will thank you for raising her this way.

Accept her and her choices. Son, you have a different way of looking at things than your mother and me, and maybe initially we had difficulties seeing things your way but today we love and accept you for who you are. When you wanted to drop Science and pursue a course in Business Management, I was a little upset, but today I am glad to see you happy doing what you love. Your daughter will have her own choices. Introduce her to your and Nidhi’s values but eventually let her take her own path in life.

In our times, we made a fuss of small things like dressing in a certain way or behaving a certain way- always thinking ki log kya kahenge. I know you are an open minded person, but your child might expect something more from you. She might expect you to understand her choices from her perspective. If you think her choices and preferences wouldn’t harm her, then you should always hear her out so she can trust you enough to come to you in any situation.

Plan for her future. Your mother and I went out of our way to ensure we always had enough money to get you the gifts you wanted, and an education that would really help you be successful in life. But it wasn’t easy, son. It takes a lot of planning to be able to successfully provide for your children. Your daughter is young now, she’s dependant on you. Tomorrow, she will be a successful woman, but she will need your presence and support to help her reach there.

I believe every child should be given the opportunity to be educated till the highest level possible, but I also know that the cost of education is rising. You should plan for her education and future today, and I strongly suggest taking a good insurance plan that secures your child’s education so that you can both grow your wealth and assure your daughter of a secure future. It may seem like it’s too soon for it, son, but as my father used to say, “yeh waqt kahan beet jata hai, pata hi nahi chalta”

Son, being a father is the best role you will play in this life. Watching your daughter grow up, being a part of her achievements, supporting her in times of needs will make you grow as a person too. I can already see you being a great father to your daughter and one day, you will be as proud of her father as I am of you.



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