India is known as the dengue capital9 of the world. With 973 million Indians1 exposed to vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue, which worsen during monsoons, we need to be more aware of how the rainy season can have serious health and life implications.


How can monsoons affect your health and life?

  • India makes up for nearly 70% of malaria cases and 69% of malaria deaths2 in the South-East Asia Region. In 2015, 13 million malaria cases were reported in India, with the number of deaths recorded at 2873.
  • Over 58 lakh Indians4 are diagnosed with dengue each year and the number goes further up during monsoons.
  • Nearly 5953 chikungunya5 cases were reported in 2015.Caused by mosquitoes again, Chikungunya is also communicable and can spread from one family member to another.
  • Even across major Indian cities which boast of good infrastructure, road accidents increased by 87.45% in the monsoon months in 20156,7 and fatal accidents shot up by 60%. Other than the risk of potholes, another reason for this is Aquaplaning –the loss of traction because of water build-up between the tyres and the road.
  • In 2014, 11,4008 people died due to accidents caused by potholes and faulty speed breakers.And such road conditions worsen during the monsoons.


Precautionary measures

  • Make sure you wash your hands regularly, use a sanitizer before eating and mosquito repellents at home.
  • Drive slowly and get tyres checked to avoid accidents due to aquaplaning.
  • Get vehicles pre-serviced to ensure proper functioning even in bad road conditions


Need for health and life insurance

Despite being careful, you or a family member may require medical assistance. A health insurance cover will come handy with benefits such as cashless hospitalisation, add on covers, etc.

Additionally, you can secure the future of your loved ones by taking a pure protection life insurance plan; which will keep your loved ones comprehensively protected with an assured pay-out in case of an unfortunate event. If this event is caused by an accident, such as a road accident, extra coverage for Accidental Death taken with a pure protection life insurance plan will provide additional financial support so that they are always taken care of.

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