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Every four years the magic of the World Cup gets to all of us. This year’s iconic football bout was no exception – a cup of unfathomable goals, unexpected wins, and a handful of surprising moments. While the juggernauts bowed out before making it even halfway through, lesser known champions won our hearts with invincible strategies. As we marvel over the surprises now, the results brought into light some integral lessons we all could employ in our lives.

This year, strong teams like Germany and Argentina were knocked out earlier than expected and unexpectedly, teams like Croatia and England – which weren’t in the running last tournament – rose to the top. What changed? This year’s tournament has come to be known as the keepers’ World Cup, mainly because strong defence strategies swung the matches in the winners’ favour.

Life is a little bit like that too. Just like every football player has his team, we have our families and loved ones. We look out for them and we have their backs. The unpredictable nature of life reflects that of the football field. In the face of this, we’re all keepers in a sense and like Ronaldinho, there’s much we can learn from football.

What can a good defence strategy do for you in life?

In football, the defence strategy is constant, always in place, moving with the game. It’s the reassuring factor that gives every player on the field – from the attackers to the midfielders – the confidence to score. France’s goal protection plan throughout this year’s tournament, for instance, embodies everything a good defence strategy should be.

With a similar tactic for your life – a plan that constantly protects your family and you – will give you the confidence to move through life with a positive attitude. The key lies in finding the right partner though. There are several factors to consider – is it a long-term plan, does it ensure that all your bases and requirements are covered?

A good defence strategy with a partner (much like the keeper) who’s constantly looking out for you can also lend perspective. Once you have such a strong backup, taking leaps becomes easier, giving you the confidence you need. Without a strong defence, could Harry Kane really be so worry-free and score his 6 goals in the tournament?

We all deserve to live life with that same attitude of being worry-free. Knowing that your financials have been utilised in the right capacity and that someday it would pay off by giving you the support you really need, can really do the trick.

And then there’s the obvious. In a defensive play, having the right protection partner on your side gives you better control over the game. The protection partner ensures that you and your family are ready in unpredictable situations – not just to tackle them, but to move past them and score personal victories. After all, we don’t just live our lives for ourselves. We live them with others, for others – our families, who all depend on us just as much as we depend on them.

So, how do you decide what’s a good defence strategy?

In football, a good defence strategy is many-layered, with different tactics, moves and plans developed to protect the team. Like the keeper, the defence squad is agile, alert, nimble, every-ready to jump into action. The defence is very well trained in tackling any situation and the best of them never get caught out (sorry, Neuer!).

Similarly, in life, what you really need in your protection partner is a variety of well-thought plans and the reassurance that whatever the situation, you and your family are always going to come out stronger. Because you’ve planned ahead and got the right protection partner on your side – ever vigilant, ever dependable.

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