In this past decade, I have started ticking off several experiences off my bucket list. This list keeps growing as the desire to see more never fades. A few places have been on my bucket list year on year, and then some keep getting added each year. In this post, I will share with you’ll a few secrets of being a travel blogger and my bucket lists of places that I intend to tick off in the near future.

Let us start with two secrets that might help you to travel better and travel bigger. PLAN your trip well in advance, like 6-7 months before you make the trip. Get your booking sorted, keep an Excel of must-see places, and pack at least a week before travel. I religiously plan well ahead for any of my trips and follow them point to point. Next comes financial planning. If you are travelling 7-8 places per year like me, you need to keep your finances sorted. For this, you need to think about where to invest and grow your money. You also need to figure your source of financing for the trips and generate new sources for a steady flow of cash. You need to buy your foreign currencies when the rates are a bit low. Not only do you need to plan out your finances smartly you need to plan them well in advance. This will ensure that in the long term, you have enough to sustain and support your family while following your passion.

Next, I will come to the bucket list of places. Keeping my zeal for adventure in mind, I jotted down this comprehensive list of top five experiences. These are few DREAM trips for almost every travel enthusiast and I wish to tick them off someday. And guess what? I have been planning for these trips for years. Some of these places are:

1)    Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

As a big-time wildlife enthusiast, walking amidst Silverback gorillas has always been a dream of mine. With only 56 permits issues each day costing $1500 per permit, this bucket list item would need a fair bit of planning to ensure my experience is maximised.

2)    Northern Lights in Iceland

Being mesmerised by aurora borealis is another bucket list item for me. The only hindrance being the sub-zero temperatures for which I would have to prepare myself physically and mentally. However, in life, nothing is unachievable if you have strong determination and will power. So, nothing off your bucket list is too farfetched as long as you plan and aim for it.

3)    Road tripping around the USA

I have always wanted to try some incredible road trip routes around the world. The USA is excellent for road trips as that’s also a cost-effective way to travel further while covering ground and accommodation. In anticipation of making this dream a reality, I already got my US visa, so that’s one step closer to making this happen.

4)    Costa Rica for Birding

Costa Rica is a paradise for avid birders. With so many birds of paradise, I am sure I will be stunned by the pretty and colourful birds found in this paradise.

5)    Day of the dead in Mexico

I have always been fascinated by the ‘other side’. This Mexican holiday pays homage to the dead to aid their spiritual journey. It is a day of celebration and streets are filled with hoards of people dressed as skeletons. It falls on 2nd November and seeing that it’s so close to my birthday, it makes for something to tick off on my special day.

As a travel blogger and having visited many places around the world, I have come to terms with the idea that having a clear cut road map drawn for anything in life helps you be stress-free and enables you to complete tasks at hand successfully. To travel, you require money and planning your finances is utmost important. In this planning, you need a place that is trustworthy of your hard earned money. Yes, I do a lot of travel, but I have to ensure I have got my finances sorted. Now, I do have a steady flow of income, but after say 30 years would I be able to travel as frequently as I do now? Will I have enough money to see all those bucket list places? Also, travelling brings in you a certain degree of realism. Anything can happen to you at any point in time. What will happen to the people back home who are dependent on me, in case of any unfortunate event? Such questions do bother me, but travelling requires a clear mind without worries. So, for all this, I have started preparing myself financially with lifelong insurance plans from ICICI Prudential Life.

Their dedicated financial experts helped me plan for all my life goals – be it maximising my wealth, planning a stress-free retirement, etc. while securing my family from any unforeseen events.



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