With Unlock 1.0, as India slowly opens up, we are witnessing the emergence of a “new normal”. While some of you are still at home on work from home, many have to step out either to re-join offices. But, no matter what, as soon as you step out of your house, there are few essentials you need to carry in your bag as precautionary measures to help fight the uncertainty

Mask that covers the nose & mouth. If you are using disposable ones carry a few extras with you. Remember to dispose them off periodically & wash your cloth mask regularly

Hand Sanitizer-This is one of the MUST-HAVE’s in your bag. In case you keep forgetting stuff, use sling-sanitizers that can be tied to your bag so that you can keep sanitizing your hands as & when required

Gloves help in avoiding direct contact with unknown surfaces. Hence if you are commuting & coming in contact with metal surfaces, it’s better not to touch it with your hands, rather use a glove

Tissues/handkerchief-Given the temperature outside is hot and sultry, it’s quite natural to sweat as soon as you step outside. It’s best not to touch your face given the current situation. Use a tissue or handkerchief as much as possible

Go digital-Use cards or digital payment methods instead of exchanging cash. This minimizes contact with the external world. So keep less cash & carry your card wherever you go. In case if you have to at all use cash, sanitize it before keeping it in your bag

Make a checklist on your phone of all these essential items & do a quick check before stepping out of your house every day. Also, while outside, remember to maintain social distancing, sanitize your phones, wallets/purse after coming back home and have a quick shower. While it can be tempting to go back to your normal lives instantaneously, you must remember to do so with caution. More cautious & prepared you are, the safer you & your family are in the current scenario. So we must continue with the right preparation as we enter #Unlock1.0
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