With Unlock 2.0 we are looking forward to gradually going back to our normal lives. This gives us an opportunity to rethink our fitness routine even though in a limited and cautious way.  

For me, fitness is an integral part of being prepared. When I say fitness, I mean physical and emotional fitness. It’s important for us to keep ourselves prepared on both aspects especially during such times.

Here are a few simple things you can do to redefine your fitness routine and also have fun at the same time!

  • Since movements in public places such as parks are restricted, you can use your rooftop or parking lot when it’s not crowded to walk after your meals. This will help you keep your body active and help digestion
  • Check your sitting posture while working from home. Stand up and move around while working or watching TV. This will help prevent muscle pain in your calf, neck and back 
  • You are probably missing your gym but no need to worry, you can walk up and down the stairs which is a good replacement for your cardio sessions. This will also help proper blood circulation in your legs and prevent any muscle discomfort    
  • A very effective way that I practice to strengthen my attention span and focus on things that matter is by mindfulness meditation. It’s very simple, sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and just focus your attention on the sensation of breathing. Regular breathing exercises will also help you to keep your lungs healthy, which is essential to fight respiratory viruses like the COVID-19        
  • Dance is a great mood uplifter. It gets your heart pumping and it also enables the movement of different body parts. Just turn up the volume and have fun! You can also watch professional dancing videos online and follow them

A good combination of physical and emotional fitness will allow you to unlock yourself and your greatest potential even in this lockdown.

Kyunki Agar Taiyaari Sahi Ho, To Jeet Pakki Hai – In association with ICICI Prudential Life

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