During this lockdown, healthy eating is more important than ever. The food you eat, has a direct impact on your body’s defense mechanism.
There are 5 major food groups which, if included in your daily diet works synergistically to keep you healthy. So, keeping the right stock of all food items having these nutrients is important.

However, going out for groceries daily is not advisable. So, once you decide to go out, it’s important to bring in the right food that keeps you healthy. Below are the 5 essential nutrients and corresponding food items that you need to stock up, this lockdown!

1) Due to the lockdown, your movement is restricted, hence fatigue sets in easily. Carbs give you the energy to stay active all day. Sources – wheat, jowar, bajra

2) Proteins have a direct role in immunity, as the antibodies (fighters of the body) are made of protein. Sources – pulses, lean meat, eggs, dairy.

3) Fats are crucial for the functioning of the nervous system and absorption of vitamins. But, remember to choose healthy fats in the form of nuts, eggs, lean meat, and oils like coconut oil, sesame oil

4) Vitamins especially C and D are primarily responsible for boosting your immune system. Vitamin C is helps fight any respiratory diseases. Also, with most people locked up at home and no exposure to the sun, vitamin D levels are at risk of falling, hence you must look for food rich in Vitamin D. Sources – kiwi, orange, dairy products.

5) Minerals like zinc and magnesium are extremely important for building immunity since they play a role in critical biological reactions. They have proven effects in reducing cold. Sources – nuts, whole grains, leafy greens.

So, before you step out of the house, make a list of essential groceries that you need to purchase and make sure it is a healthy combination of the 5 key nutrient groups. It is the right preparation that will help you fight the current scenario. Agaar taiyaari sahi ho, toh jeet paaki hai – in association with ICICI Prudential Life


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