It has been almost 2 months of schools being closed because of the lockdown. Now that we are spending a lot more time with our kids and are also helping them study at home, we get to know more about how their little minds work. While their physical activity is restricted, their minds are always active. They are curious and full of questions. The availability of their teachers and peers is limited so they come to us. While some of the questions are easy to answer, some require more imagination and demonstration. So I decided to use this time to do easy experiments at home to explain simple phenomena’s to my kid.

One of the fun experiments we did recently was her understanding the cycle of Cloud and Rains. Here is how it is done:
1. Take a tall glass
2. Fill it 3/4th with water. Water forms the layer we live in.
3. Then take shaving foam, and add it above the water. This forms the cloud.
4. Then take blue paint and dilute it a bit. This will play the role of rain.
5. Then slowly start adding the blue paint to the glass.
6. Once the shaving foam gets saturated with paint, the paint will start dropping into the water as droplets. This denotes the rain which falls on earth when clouds get saturated with water.

Next on our list are other simple and interesting science experiments like sink and float, making bubbles and how to mix colours at home.

Such activities and simple experiments can teach kids some important lessons without them getting bored. It also keeps them engaged in a productive way.

With the right preparation, we can ensure learning for kids never stops.

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