Parenting is the delicate balance between being the fun-cool parent and raising well-disciplined children. When this balance is lost, one very common issue most of us parents face is that kids don’t listen to us. Especially during this pandemic, when we are home, getting them to listen to us can become tricky

Here are some tips and my experience of how in a subtle way, I make Inaaya listen to me on things that are necessary for her own good:

1. Limited use of ‘No’ – If we keep saying ‘No’ to almost everything, our words lose their importance and our ‘No’ becomes less powerful when actually needed
For e.g. I end up saying a stern ‘No’ only to 2 things during the day – Over use of mobile /tablet and eating excessive junk food. I reserve my ‘No’ for these two and make sure she listens because I have allowed her to do most of the things of her choice during the day.

2. Use positive language – Even when it’s absolutely necessary to say no, make sure to say it in a positive way.
For example- Instead of saying ‘Don’t play with the phone/tablet’ I prefer saying ‘Maybe you can take a break and play something else?’

3. Listen to them – Get down to their level, make eye contact and listen to them calmly. It helps in developing a bond and a level of trust with your child

4. Use volume appropriately- There are times when we feel overwhelmed with our kids which makes us raise our voices. However, screaming at them may make them obedient for a while, but it won’t make them correct their behavior

5. Show acceptance – When you show your kids that you accept and love them just the way they are, they are more likely to share their feelings and problems with you

I wish Parenting came with a rule book but it’s always trial and error for every stage. So I am preparing in the best way possible to develop a positive and strong relationship with Inaaya Kyuki agar Tayari Sahi Hai to Jeet Pakki Hain- In association with with ICICI Prudential Life insurance

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